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COVID-19 Procedure:



Pre-Class Information


  • Any students displaying symptoms of COVID will NOT be allowed to participate in classes and will be asked to stay at home, not returning for three weeks

  • Parents will be asked to stay, but keep a minimum of 4 metres from the class and 2 metres from other parents. 

  • All classes will be limited to 10 students

  • All parents and students will be asked to enter via the main door and exit via the door opposite to ensure social distancing is kept. 



Class Setup


  • All students must book to attend a class. This will be done via the Khalsa Karate website - Banstead page.

  • All students will have their temperature taken prior to starting the class. If it’s higher than 37.5 °C, the class will be cancelled and the Association will be informed. 

  • All instructors will take their own temperature prior to teaching. If it’s higher than normal, the class will be cancelled. 

  • All students will be separated by 2 metres during class, and will be required to stick to their lanes. If students don’t, the will be asked to leave the class until further notice. 

  • Instructors will have their own hand sanitiser. 

  • No cash will be taken. All payments will need to be made either via contactless card, PayPal or bank transfer.


Class Structure (Social Distancing) 



  • Students will be separated by 2 metres and will either practice on the spot or marching in straight lines, clearly marked out. 

  • At all times the instructor will keep a 2 metre distance from all students. 

  • No equipment will be shared amongst students, including water bottles.

  • Shoes will be mandatory to wear. These should be trainers with a short sole. 



Students will practice basics either moving together in formation, or standing on the spot, practicing techniques ensuring that 2 metres are adhered to at all times. 


Kata (Forms)

When practicing Kata (forms) students will be spaced out to ensure no one gets close. We will also limit the number of students at one time practicing Kata. 


Kumite (Fighting) Drills

Fighting drills will be practiced in a solo fashion for children, keeping to the Association rules. 

Adults will practice drills from a distance of 3 metres (which will be marked out), using partners opposite as a point of reference. 



End of Class 

  • No money will be physically handled and all payments will be done electronically. 

  • All licensing and health forms are now accessible via the Khalsa Karate website so that students do not need to transfer paper between themselves and instructors. 

  • Children will be allowed to leave one at a time to ensure social distancing is met. 

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