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Gi Exchange

Welcome to the Khalsa Karate Gi Exchange!


The team at Khalsa Karate understand that students sometimes out grow their Karate Gi's (especially children). It breaks our hearts to think that these gi's either get put up into the loft, or worse, thrown into landfill.


We have come up with the idea to launch the 'Gi Exchange' page on our webpage. Here, you can post your unwanted gi's and even karate-related equipment for others to view and take off your hands.


A few rules:


  • We are providing a forum in which to exchange karate gi's and karate-related equipment (nothing else).

  • Please be respectful and use appropriate language.

  • Any money that exchanges hands has absolutely nothing to do with us! We are simply the middle person.

  • Exchanges must be arranged between students / parents, and again, has nothing to do with us.

  • Only post clean and usable karate gi's, belts, gloves etc.

  • Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed by admins.


Happy exchanging!

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