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Welcome to Khalsa Karate Association

Khalsa Karate was formed in 2001 at the Kingston YMCA, and became its own association in 2018 under head instructor Satinder Sehra. Khalsa Karate Association is a member of the British Karate Federation and World Karate Federation. 

The style practiced at the centre is Sensei Chris Thompson's Washinkai karate-do, based on traditional wado-ryu – one of five major karate schools.


Khalsa Karate is also very sport-orientated. In 2018 the association became the second best association in the country, winning 17 medals out of a possible 20, including 10 golds. 

The term 'khalsa' is Sikh terminology for 'pure'. Khalsa Karate is based on that very foundation – we practice all aspects of correct karate-do, in the way it was designed to be taught. The word 'pure' is described in the dictionary as 'excessive insistence of correctness', and it is on this continuous belief of correctness that the association continues to grow from strength to strength.


The ethos of the club is that of equality, where we all can learn from each other, including instructors, which makes for a fun, ego-less environment.


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Sensei Sat Sehra

Head of Khalsa Karate Association


Sensei Michelle Meredith

Senior Instructor

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